Exuberant Seahawks player came off the sideline during INT, started throwing blocks

You have to respect Seattle Seahawks linebacker Darrell Taylor's excitement for his teammates and his willingness to get downfield and make some blocks after an interception.

His knowledge of the basic rules of football might still need work.

The Seahawks made a huge play early in Sunday's game against the Las Vegas Raiders, picking off Derek Carr. When safety Quandre Diggs started returning it, he had an extra blocker off of the sideline.

Taylor was on the sideline to start the play and then he got a little too caught up in the excitement. Taylor ran on the field after Diggs' diving interception, apparently thinking the play was over, then decided the best way to blend in was to go block.

"Sanjit__T" on Twitter drew attention to Taylor joining the play off the sideline, and that clip went viral.

There was no penalty called on the play, probably because officials didn't expect anyone to come off the sidelines to block for Diggs and never saw it.

Diggs didn't score on the play, the Raiders ended up winning in overtime, so all's well that ends well. It's just a funny clip, though we'll see if Taylor gets a fine from the NFL.

If nothing else, we have a new definition of the Seahawks' "12th Man" tradition.