Jim Irsay, Dan Snyder, Jerry Jones & Robert Kraft's war of words, Brady skips town, Rodgers wants simplification & CMC's trade value

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When you get all the NFL owners in one room (minus lightning rod Dan Snyder), the pressure is bound to boil over when you have that collection of money, ego & power. Such was the case on Tuesday as multiple NFL owner feuds spilled out and generated some spicy headlines.

Charles Robinson is joined by Charles McDonald and Jori Epstein, who was at these owner meetings in New York this week, to discuss the fireworks coming from the semi-annual meetup of the league's top powers. First, Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay spoke out against Washington Commanders owner Dan Snyder, insisting that, "there [is] merit to removing [Snyder]." Next, Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones reportedly lashed out at New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft, insisting, "don't f**k with me," over a potential extension for commissioner Roger Goodell.

Later in the podcast, Jori & the two Charles' chat about two QB controversies coming out of Week 6 in Tampa Bay Buccaneers QB Tom Brady skipping Saturday walkthroughs to attend the aforementioned Robert Kraft's wedding & Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers' public plea to "simplify" the offense.

Finally, the crew closes out the show discussing the trade market for Carolina Panthers running back Christian McCaffrey & debates the reason for the precipitous drop in scoring this season.

0:20 Jim Irsay publically implies Dan Snyder could be removed as Washington Commanders owner

8:30 Jerry Jones warns Robert Kraft over possible Roger Goodell extension

21:30 Tom Brady skips Buccaneers Saturday walkthrough to attend Robert Kraft's wedding

28:15 Aaron Rodgers' latest complaints about the Packers offense

43:45 What is Christian McCaffrey's trade value and what teams are interested?

55:50 Why has scoring and offense been so low this season?

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