Josh Allen shoving match with Christian Wilkins leads to Bills-Dolphins fight

Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen briefly lost his temper during Sunday's wild-card game against the Miami Dolphins on Sunday. Allen got involved in a shoving match with Christian Wilkins, which then led to a full-on scuffle.

The fight occurred with just over six minutes to play in the second quarter. With the Bills leading 17-3, Allen threw a deep interception to Xavien Howard. After Howard's return, players on both teams started going at it a few yards away from where Howard was tackled.

Replays showed the fight began after Allen and Wilkins engaged in a shoving match after the interception. During Howard's return, Wilkins ran over to Allen and shoved him with one hand. Wilkins then turned around to prevent Allen from making a tackle during the return.

Allen didn't appreciate the push and fully shoved Wilkins with two hands. Wilkins turned around and the two engaged in a shoving match. Eventually, other Bills players got involved and Wilkins and handful of other players ended up on the ground.

Help arrived in the form of Bills center Mitch Morse. Wilkins and Morse got tangled up and both players eventually wound up on the ground with a crowd around them. Once Morse got involved, Allen walked away from the scuffle hoping he wouldn't get flagged.

Allen succeeded there, but Morse wasn't so lucky. Both he and Wilkins received unnecessary roughness penalties. Those offset, giving the Dolphins the ball at the 48-yard line.

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