Justin Fields hasn't had a 'rough month' says Bears OC, contradicting the obvious

You can still believe Justin Fields will get better, or the Chicago Bears offense's struggles aren't his fault, or he's simply played some good defenses, but it is hard to argue the last month has gone according to plan for the sophomore quarterback.

So it's a little surprising that Bears offensive coordinator Luke Getsy is arguing something along those lines.

Speaking to reporters on Thursday, Getsy rejected the premise that his quarterback has had a rough month.

From ESPN:

"I don't think he's had a rough month," Getsy said. "I think he's gotten better each week. I think he's growing tremendously. And you know, it's not easy. We're playing good football teams, and it's not easy to become the level of quarterback that he wants to become, and I know that he can become.

"The important thing is that we stay focused, keep our eyes on that progress or on that process and we make sure we get better each and every week and I believe that we're in that phase."

That outlook is actually somewhat muted when compared to what Fields had to say on Sunday, another ugly loss for the Bears, when he rejected the entire premise of passing stats reflecting the quality of a passing game.

Given what those stats are, it seems pretty natural Fields is saying he doesn't care about them.

Justin Fields has had a rough month

Four weeks into the season, Fields ranks last among QBs with at least three starts in completions with 34 and passing yards with 471. He also ranks last in pass attempts with 67. Even with that low volume, he has not been efficient, as he ranks last in passer rating at 58.7 while leading in interception rate (six percent) and ranking second in sacks taken with 16. He has two passing touchdowns and four interceptions.

Cooper Kupp has more catches (42) than Fields has completions (34).

Meanwhile, the Bears are last in points scored per game (16.0), second-to-last in yards per game (274.8) and last in passing yards per game by a chasmic margin (97.5, second-worst is 139.5 per game).

Yes, the Bears are averaging fewer than 100 passing yards per game, but their offensive coordinator and quarterback don't want fans to worry about that (understandable given the alternative is having to explain why they haven't been up to snuff).

If you are really worried we're not being fair to Fields, then take a look yourself. Here's every pass and run from last week's loss to the Giants, which was actually one of his better outings (11 for 22, 174 passing yards, no touchdowns or interceptions.

Fields does connect for some long passes (he actually leads the NFL in yards per completion), but the overall package is about as bad as you can see from a modern NFL offense. Again, you can argue Fields isn't the primary reason for those struggles, but come on, nothing about the preceding paragraphs suggest anything other than a rough month.

Getsy, previously the quarterbacks coach and passing coordinator for the Green Bay Packers, jumped sides in the NFC North rivalry last offseason as part of rookie head coach Matt Eberflus's first coaching staff.