OK, that's funny: Eagles' TD celebration is stealing from the Salvation Army kettle

Give the Philadelphia Eagles some credit for creativity.

At Christmastime, the Dallas Cowboys like the use the red Salvation Army kettle beyond each end zone as prop for their touchdown celebrations. They'll jump in it sometimes. When Ezekiel Elliott scored early on against the Eagles on Saturday, he threw the football in the bucket.

The Eagles are the villain in Dallas, and you might as well play it up.

When DeVonta Smith scored in the fourth quarter, the Eagles were ready. Smith called his teammates over, pantomimed putting on a ski mask, kicking in the window and then he and his Eagles teammates started taking things out of the kettle.

Let's avoid preaching about how it sets a bad example or anything like that, and just enjoy some humor. It was hilarious. Not only are the Eagles really good this season, they're pretty good at coming up with TD celebrations too.