Packers WR Allen Lazard fined $10K after counting to 3 for each Miami defender he toppled with one block

Green Bay Packers wide receiver Allen Lazard was heralded by quarterback Aaron Rodgers as a "hall of famer" this off-season. Now we see why.

The wideout made a legendary block in a Week 16 win over the Dolphins where he took down three defenders at the same time.

After running through them, Lazard looked back at the pile of Dolphins players on the ground and counted to three with each point in their direction.

The NFL didn’t love that. Lazard wasn’t flagged, but was reportedly fined $10,609 for taunting according to Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk.

This story is reminiscent of Philadelphia Eagles receiver A.J. Brown's $10,000 fine in Week 8. He also pointed to the opposing team – after his third touchdown of a massive game.

The Packers maybe weren’t expecting the fine, as the team also counted out the fallen defenders on Twitter after the play.

The team also praised the block and celebration in a feature about Lazard that was published to four days later.

"That's what got him on the field a bunch when he was a third and fourth guy, and that's what keeps him on the field and makes us love him so much. Because he gives up his body like that, consistently," Rodgers said in the feature.

"You want your best players to be your best people, and Allen definitely is one of our best people—and he proves it week after week by doing things like that."

"That's a huge play and a huge block that Allen had on that play. That's what we do. It's about more than just catching passes. It's about being a complete receiver in this offense,” veteran receiver Randall Cobb added.

After four years in Green Bay, Lazard is having a breakout year. He currently leads the team with 688 yards and five TDs on a career-high 51 receptions.

He will likely be crucial in Green Bay's revived odds to make the playoffs, although the team has a rough road there.