Texas A&M-Florida game delayed after Aggies forget uniforms at hotel

A men's basketball game between Texas A&M and Florida tipped off with a 1-0 Gators lead and several minutes late on Wednesday, for very embarrassing reasons if you are an Aggies equipment manager.

Texas A&M's conference play opener was delayed after the team realized its uniforms had been left at the team's hotel in Gainesville, according to the ESPN broadcast, which included footage of Florida head coach Todd Golden giving his staff the news.

That is definitely not a situation you see every day, and very much falls in the category of "You had one job to do."

The fallout was that Texas A&M was hit with a technical foul to open the game, leading to a free throw Will Richard before tip-off.

Texas A&M entered the game 8-5 and was playing its first road game since a Dec. 17 loss to Memphis. Florida opened its SEC slate last week with a 61-58 loss to No. 22 Auburn and holds a 7-6 overall record.