• New Bill Forces Central Fla. Gun Law Changes


    CENTRAL FLORIDA,None - Cities in Central Florida are being forced to change their gun laws because of a new bill passed in Tallahassee this session.

    The new law means people can even bring guns to public parks where children play.

    Dawn Felter loves going to Blanchard Park every day to play with son, Westin. But soon, she says that will change. State lawmakers recently passed a bill negating all gun rules passed by local governments, including the ones banning firearms in public parks.

    Felter and other parents WFTV talked to think it's a bad move.

    "Because it's dangerous. People go into schools with guns, and bad things can happen. I don't want guns around my child,” said Felter.

    "There's enough stuff going on right now. You see it on TV every day. Why stir it up worse?" said grandfather Floyd Leavitt.

    Governments are now scrambling to get in line with the law. Lake County already repealed its ordinance, Groveland scrapped a ban on firing a gun into the air, and this week, Lake Mary will get rid of its rules.

    The punishment for defying the state's new law is pretty harsh. Cities, counties, or even local officials personally, could have to pay a $5,000 fine, and elected officials could even be kicked out of office.

    "I think it's ignorant,” said Leavitt.

    And anyone who thinks their gun rights were violated can sue for damages. State law will still ban having guns in schools, and inside government meetings.

    Only people with concealed weapons permits will be allowed to carry their guns in public places. The new law goes into effect Oct. 1.

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