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    Is your car ready for autumn weather? Labor Day Weekend signifies the end of summer, and although we don’t see a WHOLE lot of autumn weather until later in the year, we do see our fair share of rain and we also know some people like to get out of town to enjoy fall foliage. Our Orlando Toyota Service Center is here to give you tips on how to prepare your ride for the change in weather like a pro! 

    Schedule seasonal Toyota Service today! 

    The first thing to do is schedule a Toyota Service appointment in Orlando. You can do this by visiting our website, by calling us at (866) 454-1614, or by swinging by 16851 State Road 50 to sit down with one of our Toyota techs! They can help you decide what type of Toyota service you’ll need to prepare your car to take on the switch of seasons like a champ. 

    Not sure what type of seasonal Orlando auto service you should even be considering to get your car ready? We can help you there! Here are some maintenance aspects to think about: 

    Your tires! You should definitely schedule Orlando tire service, especially if you’re thinking about heading out of town to get your fill of fall leaves. You’ll need tires that are inflated to the correct level (this is for both safety and efficiency reasons), and you’ll also want our Toyota service techs to check the tread depth and tire wear. No one wants a blowout, and having too little tread can be very dangerous and cause you to lose traction. Have our techs take a look! 

    Your battery! Don’t get stuck out on the highway or in the dark with a dead car battery – schedule Orlando Toyota Service and have our techs test your battery’s voltage to ensure it’s still in good shape. They can help you choose a replacement if it’s time, and also install it for you for an affordable cost! 

    Let our Orlando Toyota Service techs check your headlights, brakes, and more! 

    Your headlights! Don’t forget, Daylight Savings Time means shorter days and more time spent in the dark. Make sure your headlights are in excellent condition and giving off all the light they should to make your car visible and light your way efficiently! Our Toyota Service Center in Orlando offers headlight restoration if they’re looking a little cloudy! 

    Your brakes. Autumn weather often means more rain, as well a dead leaves carpeting the roads in other parts of the country. Make sure your brakes are in good shape and ready to bring you to a fast and safe stop if need be! Our Toyota Service Center in Orlando offers affordable brake service to give you the high degree of safety you need when it’s time to hit the highway. 

    Need to schedule seasonal auto service in Orlando? Give our Toyota Service Center a call today or just swing by! And don’t forget to ask about our auto service coupons – they can help you save big bucks on routine maintenance. We’re open seven days a week for your convenience! 

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