• Orlando Toyota Tacoma goes up against the Honda Ridgeline!


    When it comes down to compact pickup trucks, there are a ton of options available for you to choose – this particular segment of trucks is one of the fastest growing ones around, most likely because of the dual functionality they offer. For example. you can take your Orlando Toyota Tacoma out on the trails or onto the job site, or you can head into town and handle city streets without a problem! Versatility is key, and that’s exactly what these trucks have to offer. Which is the best bet for your driving experiences, though? 

    2014 Toyota Tacoma excels when it comes to compact trucks

    In our opinion, it’s the 2014 Toyota Tacoma in Orlando. It is the best-selling compact pickup truck on the market, after all. However, we know that as a customer its your duty to do your due diligence when it comes to researching the possibilities, so we’re laying them out on the table for you! Let’s see how the 2014 Toyota Tacoma Access Cab V6 compares to the new Honda Ridgeline! 

    One of the biggest things that drivers consider when they’re narrowing the field for a new ride is price, and the Orlando Toyota Tacoma has a definite edge in this arena. The Access Cab V6 model kicks off at just over $24,400, while the Honda Ridgeline has a much higher starting pricepoint of $30,405! Why spend almost $6,000 more when you can use that money towards accessories and packages to truly customize your new Toyota truck? 

    Get more performance and efficiency in this new Toyota truck!

    Another area where the 2014 Toyota Tacoma definitely pulls ahead is performance. Here are some of the biggest points we’ve noticed: 

    • This new Toyota truck has a bigger engine, for starters. It boasts a 4.0L V6, while the Honda Ridgeline falls short with a 3.5L V6. 
    • You’ll also find that while the Honda truck offers a bit more horsepower, the Orlando Toyota Tacoma pulls ahead when it comes to torque. It brings you 266 lb-ft as opposed to the Honda’s 247 lb-ft, which makes a difference when it comes to towing and handling, especially off the pavement!
    • The new Toyota truck option also more stability on off-road surfaces with a longer wheelbase (127.4 feet versus 122 feet), and better maneuverability thanks to a smaller curb-to-curb turning radius of 40.6 feet, versus the Honda Ridgeline’s 42.6 feet. 
    • One more thing to point out – this Toyota in Orlando also offers features like a full-size spare tire, Hill Start Assist Control, Downhill Assist Control, and running boards – you won’t find these on the Honda Ridgeline! 

    This new Toyota truck also offers the upper hand when it comes to fuel efficiency – you’ll get about the same when it comes to highway MPG, but the Toyota option pulls ahead in both city and combined mpgs – 17 mpg versus 15 mpg for city, and 19 mpg vs 17 mpg combined. Those small differences can make a big difference when it comes to your wallet! 

    Come see for yourself – take this new Toyota truck in Orlando for a spin today at 3575 Vineland Road! We’re open seven days a week to make your truck shopping experience as convenient as it gets! 


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