• Police: Man on neighborhood watch shoots, kills teen


    SANFORD, Fla. - A deadly shooting in Sanford has taken a bizarre turn. Police said a man patrolling on the neighborhood watch shot and killed a teenager who was on vacation.

    Trayvon Martin turned 17 just three weeks before he was killed at the Retreat at Twin Lakes Townhomes on Sunday night.

    Residents heard loud yelling and called 911 for the Sanford police. Moments later, more 911 calls were made about a gunshot being fired. Kelly Nevin's son lives there, and heard the shot.

    "Sitting on the couch, about to watch the Oscars and you know, boom. And they have a baby. He just told her, 'Stay in there. I'll look,' and he saw the body," Nevin said.

    Police arrived within a minute and found Martin shot dead. Paramedics could not bring him back.

    They also found 26-year-old George Zimmerman, who they say admitted right away he had shot the teenager. An eyewitness said Zimmerman appeared to be in shock.

    "At that point, Mr. Zimmerman was taken into custody, investigative detention if you will, and got to the station to conduct an interview with him to find out exactly what happened," Sanford police spokesman David Morgenstern said.

    Police won't say exactly what happened yet, but said Zimmerman was acting in his role as a neighborhood watch member.

    If someone on neighborhood watch has a concealed weapons permit, they can carry a gun just like anyone else, but police won't say if the shooter has a permit or what led to the deadly shooting in this usually quiet townhome community.

    Police said that typically, when a known shooter is not arrested, there's reason to believe the shooting could have been justifiable.

    But they said the teenager, who was visiting relatives, did not have a gun.

    A police volunteer was handing out fliers Wednesday. Police are meeting with concerned residents Thursday evening at the clubhouse.

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