• Group rallies in opposition to proposed Amendment 3


    ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. - Members of the Florida Parent Teacher Association, along with other activists, kicked off a campaign Thursday morning to fight Amendment 3 on the November ballot.

    Amendment 3 would change the state's revenue limitation.

    According to opponents, passage of the amendment would mean less money for schools and public services.

    That, they said, would harm schools.

    The rally against the amendment ended shortly before noon.

    About 30 people gathered at Ivey Lane Park to speak out against the amendment and try to and organize their opposition against it.

    Amendment 3 is revenue capping state constitutional amendment that would force the state to cut taxes or give tax refunds if they generate too much income in a given year.

    Those opposed to it say that once implemented, Amendment 3 would go too far, and would cripple Florida's ability to generate revenue and fund projects for the future, including roads, bridges and school districts.

    "We are all working on a bare bones budget right now, and we understand that the economy's been tough, but we need to make sure that we do the right thing for the children of Florida," said Orange County School Board member Joie Cadle.

    The amendment was placed on the ballot by state legislators.

    Proponents of the amendment said it's a way to force lawmakers to make some tough budget cuts and reign in spending.

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    Group rallies in opposition to proposed Amendment 3