• LIVE UPDATES: Democrats press their 2020 case in third debate

    By: Jamie Dupree


    From Houston, Texas - In the party's smallest debate so far, ten Democrats will face off at Texas Southern University on Thursday night in a debate hosted by ABC News and Univision, another step on the way to determining a candidate to take on President Donald Trump in 2020.

    Instead of two debate nights - with ten candidates on stage in both - this Houston debate will have just one night involving the ten who were able to qualify.

    Here is a rundown of the evening's events.  All times are EDT.


    7:00 pm - I heard the sound from inside the press filing center.  It sounded like a helicopter.  Instead, it was a small plane pulling a banner for the GOP, warning those below at the debate site against socialism, and urging Texans to vote for President Trump in 2020.

    6:45 pm - It's very warm outside, and chilly with lots of air conditioning inside.  The debate has attracted the usual group of demonstrators and activists on both sides.  As I arrived around lunchtime, there was band playing songs, demonstrators on both sides, and more.

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