• Hundreds march in downtown for Occupy Orlando rally


    ORLANDO, Fla.,None - Hundreds of protesters held a demonstration near the Chamber of Commerce before marching through downtown Orlando in an Occupy Orlando rally on Saturday. The Occupy Orlando rally is being held in conjunction with thousands of Occupy rallies across the world.

    An estimated 1,700 people marched through downtown Orlando, stopping at the Bank of America building, LYNX headquarters, and City Hall.

    Former Congressman Alan Grayson was also in attendance and spoke at the rally Saturday morning. The group played music, carried signs and waved flags.

     "I am here because I am enraged that 99 percent of all the wealth in America is only distributed by one percent of the population," said protester Megan Shaunnessey.

     The group said their message is simple; they are against corporate greed and government corruption.

    The protestors in Orlando said they are standing in solidarity with people at rallies across the nation and world.

     "The thing that's brought everybody here together is dissatisfaction with the level of corporate influence in politics," said protester Alexander Bliss.

    Over the past month, the protest against corporate greed and economic inequality has spread from New York City to cities elsewhere across the United States and around the world.

    Occupy protests took place in many cities throughout the state of Florida over the weekend, including Tampa, Daytona Beach, Miami, and the Space Coast.

    There were no major problems reported at the Occupy Orlando rally over the weekend.

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