• Rain or shine, it's fun to be at Disney's Hollywood Studios

    By: Matt Hochberg/StudiosCentral.com


    With it being April, that of course conjures up the childhood rhyme of “April showers bring May flowers” and so being prepared for rain at Disney’s Hollywood Studios is something you’ll want to keep in mind.  While we’d like to think our vacation to Walt Disney World will be nothing but non-stop sunshine, the reality is it rains in Florida quite a bit but a rain storm isn’t enough to ruin your day at the Studios.

    It’s important to discuss the two types of rain that can occur in Florida.  The first is the passing thunderstorm.  This sort of rain starts with a perfectly nice day out and then a quick downpour, that can last a few minutes or an hour or so, and usually occurs in the afternoon.  The other kind of rain is more of an all-day affair with the day being filled with the wet stuff.

    The good news is Disney’s Hollywood Studios relatively small size is a benefit for when it rains.  Getting from point A to point B is relatively easier than the other parks because the park is so much smaller than the others.  So when it does rain, the distance you’ll have to cover is probably going to be less than you might find elsewhere. 

    Like all the parks, rain’s impact is greatest on the outdoor attractions.  When it really pours, or rains long enough to soak, attractions in the park can close temporarily.  The most easily affected by rain are Lights, Motors, Action! Extreme Stunt Show, Honey, I Shrunk the Kids!, Jedi Training Academy, Disney Channel Rocks and Fantasmic!.  These outdoor venues usually close when it starts raining and it usually doesn’t take much.  Mostly it’s for the performers own safety but the guest experience is also a strong consideration.

    In addition, entertainment can be delayed or cancelled due to rain such as the Citizens of Hollywood and the character meet-n-greets.

    So if it is raining, make the best of it because many other guests will flee the park, leaving you and your family an ample opportunity to experience the best Disney’s Hollywood Studios has to offer.  Arming yourself with a poncho and even an umbrella can make the rain bearable, especially during the light rain that is more common than heavy downpours.   

    Keep in mind that most attractions queues’ are indoors so you just need to get to them to escape the elements. Attractions that are best for the rain (because they are long) are the Great Movie Ride, Backlot Tour or Star Tours.  On the tram on the Backlot Tour, you can still get wet since the vehicles are covered but only from above so rain can come in from the side. You may want to keep your poncho on since seats can get a little wet regardless of attraction.

    If all else fails, get on the standby line for an attraction with a longer wait than you might usually wait on (i.e. a headliner attraction). Sure the wait is long, but you may as well wait around for a ride than just wait around for the weather to change.

    So while rain can seem like a ruined day, use it to your advantage and enjoy the best of Disney’s Hollywood Studios with a little extra water!

    ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Matt Hochberg is a Disney's Hollywood Studios super fan and runs StudiosCentral.com, a site dedicated to all things Hollywood Studios. Matt also hosts WDW Today, a free Walt Disney World planning podcast that offers trip planning advice, strategies and tips. You can find Matt on Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus.