• Top Luxury Community Amenities


    When you buy a home, you are buying a community too. That community could come with incredible amenities that allow you to experience luxury close to home. Even if you are not necessarily looking for luxury, you are going to want amenities that allow you to feel comfortable and happy where you live. Here are some of the top amenities homebuyers seek. 

    • Clubhouses Clubhouses are guaranteed in most apartment complexes, but they are the icing on the cake in communities for homes. They include space for activities and recreation, often including fitness centers, billiards rooms, and other amenities.


    • Pools In Florida, it is no secret the seasons tend to skip over fall and winter. When you have more days for fun in the sun homebuyers want pools in their communities so they can relax and go for a swim.
    • Waterfronts Whether homebuyers want to explore the waters, go fishing or just have a wonderful view of the sunset, waterfronts are an excellent addition to your home. Your home can actually be on the water or some communities include waterfronts for residents to enjoy.
    • Convenience Being situated out in the country is great for some homebuyers, however many prefer an easy commute. For those with kids, they typically want to be near good schools. Most buyers also prefer a drive to work that won’t kill their mileage and gas tank.
    • Golf Courses Avid golfers know playing can be expensive; furthermore finding the time to squeeze in a game can be difficult. When you live in a community with a golf course though, neither of these are a concern. Tee time is anytime!
    • Trails and Greenways Joggers, runners, bikers, and nature enthusiasts alike will enjoy communities with built in trails and walking paths. These create a more enjoyable experience while enjoying the outdoors. Some communities even include large conservation areas.

    These aren’t the only luxury amenities homebuyers desire in a community. Some include vineyards, equestrian centers, shopping and dining all close to home. To find a community with the luxury amenities you desire visit LennarOrlandoFL.com.