• Teacher Reinstated After Anti-Gay Facebook Post

    MOUNT DORA, Fla.,None - A Lake County teacher who made national headlines after making anti-gay comments on his Facebook page will be back in the classroom on Thursday.

    Lake County School District Superintendent Susan Moxley reinstated Mount Dora High School social studies teacher Jerry Buell after his controversial anti-gay postings on Facebook.

    "I'm excited about going back to school tomorrow," said Buell.

    The school board decided Buell did not violate the district's code of conduct when he allegedly posted a comment on his Facebook wall saying that gay marriages made him want to throw up.

    Buell missed the first three days of class because he was transferred to an administrative position during the investigation.

    The district said the former Teacher of The Year posted on his personal Facebook that same sex unions are a "cesspool," which make him want to throw up.

    Buell's comments angered several of his friends on the social network, including former and current students.

    Mount Dora High School graduate filed a complaint with the district claiming Buell was "dangerous to gay students."

    Moxley ruled Buell's posting did not violate the district's code of ethics, which states, "behavior that disrupts the orderly processes of the district is not allowed".

    "Even when they leave the doors of the school, they're still bound by those code ethics," said Chris Patton, a spokesman for Lake County Public Schools.

    Buell said he follows the U.S. Constitution, which he calls "the supreme law of the land".

    "I was making a statement," said Buell. "Free speech, exercising my rights as a citizen of this country."

    Moxley gave Buell a list of directives he needs to follow to return to work. It will not be made public for ten days.

    The district is still investigating comments Buell made on a school web page and a class syllabus.

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