• Too Much Tebow Support


    Chuck Norris can give you two black eyes, a broken nose and 5 broken ribs… just by looking at you. He also may have delivered a roundhouse kick to Tim Tebow’s chances of being signed by an NFL team this offseason. Norris penned a 1000+ word essay to make a push for some NFL team to sign the quarterback-castaway.

    I’ll be the first to argue for Tim Tebow getting another shot in the NFL, but this is getting out of control. To date, we’ve had a petition on the White House website, an advertisement from powerful attorney John Morgan, and now an essay from Walker, Texas Ranger.

    I have no idea how far the pleas will go, but they’re certainly not helping Tebow’s cause. With every ridiculous gesture, another team shies away from bringing the former Heisman trophy winner in for a workout. If football doesn’t end up working out for Tebow, maybe Norris can get him a spot in “The Expendables 3.”