• Top 5 Intro Songs for #OperationBlacktop


    The UCF athletic department will unveil their new, primarily black basketball court Monday afternoon. #OperationBlacktop was trending on Twitter and the response from fans to preliminary pictures has been largely positive.

    The marketing department at UCF deserves a lot of credit as they continue to make some nice moves prior to the Knights move to the American Athletic Conference. Their next move needs to be selecting some good music for the basketball team's introductions. Here's my top five selections:

    1. AC/DC - Back in Black - This one is going to be hard to beat. It's got a good guitar solo as an intro and hits pretty good about 45 seconds in. This could also promote UCF students to dress up in some awesome hair-metal outfits.

    2. Men in Black Theme Song - This one seems too obvious. Watch the video by clicking on the link and imagine Donnie Jones doing the intro to the video as Tommy Lee Jones and Isaiah Sykes playing Will Smith. That would be classic!

    3. Rolling Stones - Paint it Black - Classic jam, but I doubt any current basketball players are going to want to come out to a song from the 60's.

    4. Ram Jam - Black Betty - Just like Back in Black, Black Betty has a solid guitar intro at the beginning, but never really gets going like you would want in a good intro song. The video, just some dudes jamming in a backyard, is really entertaining.

    5. Johnny Cash - Man in Black - I'm a sucker for anything by Johnny Cash.

    Feel free to tweet your top 5 to me @CBrueyWFTV