Beer, potato chip truck collide on I-95 in Melbourne

MELBOURNE, Fla. — Two southbound lanes were reopened on I-95 after a Budweiser beer truck and a FritoLay potato chip truck collided in Melbourne, causing the roadway to shut down Wednesday, authorities said.

The crash happened at mile marker 187 near the Pineda Causeway exit on I-95.

Florida Highway Patrol spokeswoman Kim Montes said in statement that Zachary Basinger of Melbourne had stopped his Frito Lay box truck onto the right shoulder.

Roberto Ferrer Rodriguez of Miami told troopers he was trying to move his beer truck into the center lane but saw another vehicle and swerved back into the right lane. His truck struck the chip truck.

The Frito Lay truck overturned. Chips and beer spilled onto the highway.

Traffic backed up as troopers closed the road while clearing the debris.

Rodriguez was ticketed for failing to maintain a single lane.

There were no injuries.

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