• 10 things to do now before the power goes out

    By: WSBTV.com


    As Hurricane Irma moves up the Florida coast, it has already knocked out power to thousands. The storm will bring strong winds to north Georgia Monday into Tuesday. That wind, along with heavy rain, has the potential to cause widespread power outages. Here’s 10 things you should do now in case your power goes out:

    1. Make sure your smartphone and any extra battery packs are fully charged.

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    2. Do your laundry so you have clean clothes for as long as possible.

    3. Bake/make any food you want to enjoy later, including coffee if you don’t mind it cold.

    4. Make ice that you might need later. You can store the extra ice in bags in your freezer. Also, more ice in your freezer will keep food colder longer.

    5. Find the manual release for your garage door.

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    6. Find your flashlights. Flashlights are better than candles in these situations because candles can cause fires.

    7. Find your manual can opener.

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    8. Unplug unnecessary/sensitive electronics that are not on surge connectors. A momentary power surge can damage those device.

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    9. Think about your neighbors, particularly the elderly and those with health issues. They may need your help preparing for a power outage.

    10. Download the Channel 2 Action News and Severe Weather Team 2 apps to your smartphone. We will keep you updated 24/7 as the storm rolls through and you will be able to stream Channel 2 Action News and live updates from our five meteorologists, including Chief Meteorologist Glenn Burns, on your phone.



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