• A decade after her wedding, woman realizes cleaners gave her wrong wedding dress

    By: WFXT - Boston


    NORWOOD, Mass. - Ten years after her wedding, a Massachusetts woman has discovered that her preserved wedding dress isn't actually hers.

    After celebrating a decade of marriage this week and two kids, Katharine Richall decided to try on her wedding dress.

    "Just decided to pull it out and try it on, see if it still fits. I looked down and it was the wrong dress," she said.

    Richall was in shock. She never looked at the dress after dropping it off at the cleaners, and for good reason.

    "Once you have it preserved, you're not supposed to (look at it). You're supposed to keep it in the box," she said.

    She figured she wouldn't see it again until her daughter is ready to get married -- and that's what stings the most. Richall was thinking that they'd get to imagine that future day together this week.

    "As my daughter is waiting outside in the hall, to see her mom in her wedding dress," she said through tears.

    WFXT went to the cleaners where the dress was dropped in May 2006, but it's no longer in business. Around the time of Richall's wedding, the business was sold and sublet several times.

    Richall just hopes there's another bride, with another anniversary, with the same question she has.

    "My biggest hope is whoever has my dress, they have mine and we can just make an exchange, and it would be great for the both of us. For both of us to get our dresses back," she said

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