Bear claims Subaru as its own, trashes car's interior

JEFFERSON COUNTY, Colo. — Police in Jefferson County, Colorado, told residents, “We’ve often warned that leaving your car unlocked makes it easier for thieves to steal items, but we’ve now seen it twice this past week...”

The thieves in question aren’t the two-legged variety.

It seems bears are breaking into cars and ransacking them, The Denver Post reported.

The sheriff's department reiterated the point with a video they captured of a bear that made himself comfortable in a Suburau, The Denver Post reported.

Deputies added in a Facebook post that the bear found snacks that were perfect for him inside the car. And like anyone with a full belly, promptly fell asleep after eating the treats.

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Fur-tive Car Break-In Suspect Caught in the Act!

We’ve often warned that leaving your car unlocked makes it easier for thieves to steal items, but, as we’ve now seen twice this past week, it also makes it easier for bears to climb in and make themselves at home. While this Yogi did not pack a pic-a-nic basket, he did enjoy the snacks he found juuuuuuuuuust right inside this car in Conifer before falling asleep. You can see from some of the damage that he left a half-eaten banana in the cub holder. So please make sure you goldilock your car to keep both thieves and bears from entering. We’re pawsitively sure that if you do, it will greatly reduce your chances of losing important items and having your car trashed. No humans or bears were injured when Deputy Barnes used a rope to safely open the car door while Deputy Fulenwider captured the moment. Though this happened Monday, we thought what’s more Colorado on Colorado Day than a bear locking itself in a car? Have a great day, JeffCo. Please be safe and lock your cars. We’ll be here if you need us.

Posted by Jefferson County Sheriff's Office on Wednesday, August 1, 2018

No one, and no bear, was hurt in the encounter. The same, however cannot be said about the vehicle. The interior was damaged by the bruin, WTVD reported.

Officials were able to get the bear out of the car by attaching a chain to the door to open it. The bear scampered away, leaving a half-eaten banana behind, KMGH reported.

A bear was found in a car in Colorado.

Jefferson County Sheriff's Office