College student 'grades' apology letter from ex-girlfriend

College student 'grades' apology letter from ex-girlfriend

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DELAND, Fla. — A woman who wrote an apology letter to her ex-boyfriend should have proofread it before sending it to him.

Nick Lutz, the recipient of the letter, edited the letter with a red pen in the same way an English teacher would grade an essay.

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Citing problems including the length of the introduction, repetition, spelling errors and the quality of her handwriting, Lutz's red pen made notations throughout the letter.

Lutz noted that the writer used "useless filling sentences," "lackadaisical handwriting" and lack of detail.

BBC News reported that the University of Central Florida student gave the letter a D-minus grade.

Unfortunately for the writer, Lutz's biggest critique seemed to be lack of proof and reasoning to back up her statement that she did not cheat on him.

"Long intro, short conclusion, strong hypothesis but nothing to back it up," Lutz wrote. "Details are important. If you want to be believed, back it up with proof ... Need to stop contradicting your own story and pick a side."

The grade was 61 points out of 100.

But he did offer her a chance to revise the letter for partial credit.

"While this gesture is appreciated, I would prefer details over statements," Lutz wrote. "Revision for half credit will be accepted. Good luck."

Photos of the letter were liked more than 300,000 times fewer than four days.

Other readers on Twitter were quick to point out more possible point deductions.