Ghostly image caught on nanny cam, couple says spirit scratched their baby daughter

HIGHLAND TOWNSHIP, Mich. — A family in Michigan says their house in Highland Township is haunted and that a malevolent spirit even scratched their baby daughter.

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What's even more frightening, the couple, Heather Brough and Joshua Higgins, told WXYZ-TV that their nanny cam recorded an eerie image flitting through their baby's bedroom.



The camera clearly recorded something moving near the baby’s crib a few weeks ago and the couple believes it’s a ghost that is haunting their house.

"It was chilling," Higgins said. "It was literally a chill down your spine, like that 'what if' factor – Is this what I just saw?"

Brough said she “freaked out” when she saw the image.

“I stopped what I was doing and ran upstairs and grabbed my daughter,” she said.

She said the ghost appears to have violent tendencies and even scratched her daughter, Lily.

The couple contacted a team of paranormal investigators who tried to figure out what was happening in the home, WXYZ reported.

Higgins’ father said he learned there was a suicide in the home and thinks the haunting could be connected.

For now, the couple said they won’t leave their daughter alone and that they all sleep in the same room.

They’re also trying to save up enough money to move out.