• Hurricane Florence: Couple celebrates 70th anniversary at nursing home as storm moves in

    By: Natalie Dreier, Cox Media Group National Content Desk


    They’ve been together through it all and no storm, was going to stop Bob and Joan Derbyshire from being together to celebrate their 70th wedding anniversary.

    As Hurricane Florence was starting to hammer the Carolinas, Bob, who lives in a different nursing home than his wife due to her being diagnosed with dementia, came together with her for their big day, the Greenville News reported.

    But the celebration was due in part because of Hurricane Florence.

    The Davis Community, where Joan lives, opened its doors to the family members and pets of the residents and workers of the facility because it was built to withstand Category 4 winds.

    It also has a backup generator and enough food and medicine for everyone. 

    About 300 people are staying at the home to ride out the storm.

    For their big day, Bob laid next to his wife and sang “Itsy Bitsy Spider” to his love.

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    “She’s been taking care of me before she got dementia, and so I’ve been taking care of her,” Bob told Greenville News.

    They were young when they married - he was 19 and she was 18. Originally from Baltimore, he worked at the University of Maryland medical school and had a private psychiatric practice. They moved to Wilmington, North Carolina, about seven years ago to be closer to their children.

    Bob said he’s not worried about Florence.

    “No, I didn’t worry about that. I could go anytime. It doesn’t matter to me,” Bob told the Greenville News.”At this age, you don’t worry about that kind of thing.”

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