Teen's personalized Bible for boyfriend makes internet fall in love

A Cobb County, Georgia, teenager's sweet labor of love has captured hearts all over the internet.

Reagan Lee, 16, spent three months working on the perfect Christmas present for her boyfriend: A personalized Bible. She painstakingly wrote on every single page -- highlighting passages, drawing whimsical pictures in the margins and writing love notes and encouragements. She knew he'd like the gift, but she didn't realize that the project would go viral.

"I just thought it was cute and I like showing people the nice things I do for my boyfriend, (and) let everyone know we are in a happy relationship," she told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

But clearly, Lee's project struck a chord.

Since she tweeted the image of the finished gift Christmas Eve, it has been retweeted nearly 90,000 times and her story has been covered by news outlets across the country.

Lee said she got the inspiration to put her personal spin on the Bible after her boyfriend, 18-year-old Garrett Chisum, requested a new one for Christmas. Lee told the newspaper the couple had always been religious, but she had strayed away from her faith. Chisum helped her find her way back.

When she was going through a tough time, he gave her his Bible with some passages highlighted.

So she decided to return the favor.

“I highlighted what I thought would be important for him to know,” the teen said.

Of course, Chisum loved the gift.

“He was just smiling a lot and gave me a really big hug,” she said.

Lee's favorite page is a cute illustration about avoiding judgment. It may be in teen scrawl, but it has a profound message.

“I think not judging others simply because they are not like you is very important and something everyone should live by.”