WATCH: Girl hides from man following her in car as she walks through neighborhood

VIDEO: Girl Hides from Man Following Her

VACAVILLE, Calif. — A California girl managed to avoid a man following her in a car as she walked through a Vacaville neighborhood by hiding behind a parked truck.

Home surveillance video captured the incident, which happened earlier this month, and shows the girl being followed by a dark colored Pontiac driven by an adult man.

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The girl is clearly trying to avoid the man as he repeatedly turns around and tries to approach her.

Vacaville police Capt. Matt Lydon said when the girl first noticed she was being followed, she walked to a different neighborhood and the driver followed.

"As she walked into the adjacent neighborhood, she saw the Pontiac again," Lydon said, according to KRON-TV. "She hid behind a parked truck on the street as the male went up and down the street a couple of times attempting to get her attention and attempting to have a conversation with her."

The video shows the girl hide behind the truck as the car repeatedly drives by, backs up and stops as the driver tries to engage in a conversation with her.

When the car appears to drive off, the girl takes off running.

Police are hoping someone may be able to help identify the driver and the car.