Apple Wallet update will allow digital COVID-19 vaccination card

As Apple is getting to roll out the latest iOS update, there’s one new feature that will make life a little more convenient amid the coronavirus pandemic.

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The latest release, iOS 15, which was was rolled out earlier this week, already allows you to store your verifiable vaccination and test results in your iPhone’s Health app, CNET reported.

Health Records feature was introduced in 2018 in iOS 11.3, allowing users and health providers to download medical records, Apple said.

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The company is also working on a feature that will allow your vaccination card to be added to your Apple Wallet. The feature will be released in an iOS15 update, Apple said.

It is based on the SMART Health Cards specification that uses a QR code to access your record. According to the service, you can get access in the following ways:

  • A paper copy was given to you at the time of your visit.
  • A paper copy mailed to you.
  • Download your record from a website or app.
  • Connect your records to an app that supports SMART Health Cards.

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“And in an upcoming software update, they can also choose to add verifiable COVID-19 vaccination records as a vaccination card in Apple Wallet to present to businesses, venues, and more,” the company said.

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That means when you need to produce your vaccination card for travel or events, you don’t have to carry around the physical card. Instead, you show the QR code.

Apple has not said when the Wallet feature will be released.

According to MacRumors, beta users of iOS 15.1 have access to the feature now.

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