Bailiff dives over banister in attempt to catch escapee

CINCINNATI — An Ohio man was being sentenced on drug charges when he ran out of the courtroom, escaping a bailiff who tried diving over a stair railing in an attempt to stop him.

Authorities are still searching for Nicholas Garrison who was being sentenced Tuesday on a methamphetamine charge, WXIX reported.

A bailiff was attempting to handcuff Garrison when he broke away and ran out a courtroom door. Video shows three bailiffs chase after him. One of the bailiffs dove headfirst over a banister trying to grab Garrison. Garrison got away as the bailiff slid down the staircase on his back. He is recovering after breaking four ribs and suffering a minor concussion in the process.

“The deputy bailiff went above and beyond to try and cut him off at the shortest path and unfortunately for the deputy bailiff he got injured,” Highland County Sheriff Donnie Barrera said.

Before the escape, Garrison was facing a year in prison and up to $2,500 in fines, WLWT reported.