Banksy unveils graffiti art in Ukraine town bombed by Russia

World-famous graffiti artist Banksy unveiled his latest mural in a war-torn Ukrainian city in an Instagram post.

The British street artist posted a picture of a gymnast balancing on a pile of rubble in Borodianka. The town, located northwest of Kyiv, was heavily bombed in March, according to the Washington Post.

Additional murals have been spotted around the city but have not yet been claimed by the street artist.

>>Photos: Graffiti, likely by Banksy, appears all over war-torn city in Ukraine

According to The Guardian, Borodianka was one of the hardest-hit cities and has been the focus of reconstruction efforts.

Banksy’s identity has never been officially revealed. The BBC reported that he is noted for a series of satirical graffiti pieces that appeared on buildings in the United Kingdom.