Body found decomposing in NYC apartment surrounded by containers labeled ‘biohazard’

NEW YORK — New York City police are investigating after making a disturbing discovery inside a Brooklyn apartment.

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Officers with the New York City Police Department were performing a wellness check at an apartment on Wednesday afternoon and saw the body of a 75-year-old man sitting in a chair once they got inside, WNBC reported.

The man is believed to have been dead for at least a week and his body was beginning to decompose, WABC reported.

Police at the scene told WABC that when officers searched the apartment, they found containers and canisters labeled “biohazard” and “hazmat.”

The medical examiner will determine the cause of death. A senior law enforcement official told WNBC that early tests for radiation and toxic chemicals were negative, but there were still sealed jars that needed to be examined early Thursday.

Officers also found “schematics of unknown infrastructure” inside the apartment, WABC reported, but police said there was no obvious reason they were there.

The FBI and NYPD Joint Terrorism Task Force are investigating.