Couple returns to Texas home from vacation, greeted by 8-foot alligator

HARRIS COUNTY, Texas — A Texas couple returned home from a trip Monday afternoon and got a greeting from an 8-foot alligator they are sure not to forget.

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Harris County Constable Deputies were contacted by the couple who told them about the alligator at their home near the 19700 block of Bolton Bridge Lane, according to their Facebook post. They worked with Texas Parks and Wildlife to find and relocate the alligator back to his ”natural habitat”.

KHOU spoke with one of the homeowners, Jody White, who says the alligator slapped his girlfriend, Tami Tanner, with his tail.

“When she first hollered, I thought somebody was behind the brick wall there,” White said. “So I come running up and it was an alligator and he made a loud roar and I picked her up and drug her out here back to the truck and I called the police and game warden.”

Tanner was taken to the hospital, according to KHOU, and is expected to be OK.