Customer leaves $3K tip for single beer at iconic Ohio restaurant closing due to COVID-19

Customer leaves large tip for single beer at iconic Ohio restaurant closing due to coronavirus

Brendan Ring has seen a lot in his 28 years at Nighttown in Cleveland Heights, Ohio, but nothing will rival the generosity he witnessed during brunch on Sunday.

According to Ring, a customer ordered a lone Stella Artois, asked for his check and then asked the owner to personally “take care of this,” WOIO reported.

“This,” it turns out, was a $3,000 tip the customer wanted split between the four wait staff members working the shift, WJW reported.

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Ring said he glanced at the receipt and was blown away to see the man had left a $300 tip on a $7 bar tab.

“Then I put my glasses on,” the owner of the iconic jazz and blues club told WOIO.

“Humbly grateful for this incredibly kind and grand gesture,” Ring wrote, sharing a copy of the receipt on Facebook with the actual $3,000 tip clearly visible.

The timing was no coincidence, he told the TV station, as the restaurant and venue prepared to temporarily close following Sunday’s brunch to avoid fallout from surging novel coronavirus cases.

“In the last two weeks, this COVID has gotten very, very close to all of us, and I’ve had four customers, really close customers, get it,” Ring told WOIO.

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