Delivery mishap: Stanley Cup delivered to wrong house

Deliveries sometimes end up at the wrong home. Usually, it’s that thing you had to have from Amazon or maybe a package from eBay.

A couple in Denver had a large crate delivered to their driveway, but it wasn’t the latest tchotchke.

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Kit Karbler said he received the Stanley Cup on his doorstep this week, KDVR reported.

Karbler is not a member of the Colorado Avalanche, the reigning Stanley Cup champions.

Instead, the trophy was supposed to have been delivered to the team’s captain Gabriel Landeskog.

It is tradition to have each member of the winning team have the cup for a day, KUSA reported.

Karbler’s husband, Dmitri Rudenko, knew what was in the crate when he first saw it.

“The person opens the trunk and I saw the case and I recognized it, because I watched the final games,” Rudenko told KUSA. “Jokingly said, ‘Is that the Stanley Cup?’ And he says, ‘Yes!’”

Karbler said a man came to his door who was ready to bring in the cup.

“He opened it up all the way, said go ahead. I lifted it up. I couldn’t believe how heavy it was. I ran my fingers over the engraving,” Karbler told KDVR.

“I couldn’t believe it! All my thoughts were wide open because how could that be? Because I knew that we had Avalanche players that lived in the neighborhood but I didn’t know how close and specific and to get the wrong address would be easy for them,” Karbler said.

The Hockey Hall of Fame’s Keeper of the Cup confirmed what happened.

“We stopped there, we couldn’t really see the number of the house, so I said we’ll just go up and knock, what’s the worst thing, they say, ‘Hi, who are you guys?’ Sure enough, I knock, ‘Hi who are you guys?’” Philip Pritchard told KDVR.

Apparently, Karbler and Rudenko’s address was one digit different from that of Landeskog, KUSA reported.