Florida man fights off alligator to save pet dog

PASCO COUNTY, Fla. — A Florida man fought off an alligator in order to save his pet dog Monday during their walk.

Trent Tweddale said a nearly 13-foot alligator locked onto his 6-year-old dog Loki and pulled him into the water, WFLA reported.

“I grabbed the dog’s collar to try to pull him back and I ended up in a tug of war match with this gator and the gator was not letting go,” Tweddale said. “So I let go of the collar and I got about knee-deep into the water and started pounding on the gator’s head until he eventually let go.”

Tweddale suffered minor scratches. Loki's leg was nearly severed. He was taken in for emergency surgery and is recovering.

Tweddale and a Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission trapper set up bait to catch the alligator.

“We love our dog a lot and I’d fight tooth and nail for him,” Tweddale said.