Florida zoo welcomes ‘baby Yoda’ Angolan colobus monkey

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — A northeast Florida zoo announced the birth of an Angolan colobus monkey.

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In a news release issued on Friday, the Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens said the male monkey was born on Aug. 1.

The monkey’s parents are mother Moshi and father Yoda, the zoo said.

Although the infant does not have an official name yet, zookeepers have been referring to hit as “baby Yoda.”

“All the females in the troop take turns tending to him, and he is already getting hints of black hair,” the zoo said in its release.

The first Angolan colobus monkey was born at the zoo on May 27, 2016, eight years after the species was introduced to the zoo, according to ZooBorns. Moshi was also the mother of the primate.

Angolan colobus monkeys live in trees and feast on leaves, according to the New England Primate Conservancy. They are known for their acrobatic moves in trees and thrive in several types of habitats, including lowland, bamboo, coastal, gallery, and montane forests, according to the website.

The species also has been observed in savannas and swamplands.