Full cold moon: 10 stunning images of last full moon of 2022

The final full moon of 2022 lit up the night sky this week.

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The “cold moon” peaked at 11:08 p.m. ET Wednesday, CNN reported.

Along with the moon, stargazers were also able to see Jupiter, Saturn and Mars. Mars disappeared behind the moon when it reaches peak fullness in a phenomenon known as a lunar occultation, according to EarthSky.

It came on the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 17 mission launch, the last time a person set foot on the moon, CNN reported.

The name “cold moon” comes from the cooling, downright frigid, temperatures in December, according to the almanac. It also goes by similar names such as “snow moon” and “winter maker moon,” reported. Other names include “frost exploding trees moon” from the Cree, “moon of the popping trees” from the Oglala people and the “moon when the deer shed their antlers,” used by the Dakota people.

Here are 10 stunning images of the cold moon shared on social media with the hashtag #coldmoon or #fullmoon:

1. Arizona

Photo by: @AJamesMcCarthy

2. Superior, Wisconsin

Photo by: @uw_superior

3. Kent, U.K.

Photo by: @mickfitz99

4. Ontario

Photo by: @davecathyo

5. New York City

Photo by: @GaryHershorn

6. Matawan, New Jersey

Photo by: @torchianator

7. Fitchburg, Massachusetts

Photo by: @GregForrister

8. Tampa, Florida

Photo by: @LBell911

9. Burleson, Texas

Photo by: @mattlantz

10. Valrico, Florida

Photo by: @rkotinsky