Houston boy, 10, rescues 5-year-old girl from bottom of apartment complex pool

HARRIS COUNTY, Texas — Five-year-old Egypt Bradly was able to hug her hero Wednesday, three days after he rescued her seemingly lifeless body from the bottom of an apartment complex swimming pool.

Rickie “Junior” August Jr., 10, told KHOU that he didn’t hesitate when he saw Egypt motionless body at the bottom of the Retreat at Cypress Station Apartments’ swimming pool.

“I just acted. I didn’t think about nothing,” Junior told the TV station.

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The Houston boy, who almost drowned when he was younger, told KPRC that he knew something was wrong the moment he saw Egypt’s body and did not want anything to happen to her.

“I had just picked her up, put her over my shoulder and brought her to the stairs,” Junior said, noting adults administered CPR to the child quickly while he caught his breath with his nearby family members.

“She was not breathing at all. She was like passed out. I was very scared, and it was just super sad. All I was thinking was like, ‘I hope she’s all right,’” Junior told KHOU.

According to officials with Cypress Creek Emergency Medical Services, Junior’s quick thinking undoubtedly saved Egypt’s life.

“It was vital to her survivability. The fact that she is alive today is because of Junior’s efforts beforehand,” Vivien Miller, a clinical supervisor with Cypress Creek EMS, told KPRC.

“When we arrived, she didn’t have to have compressions anymore because she had a pulse and she was breathing and she had vomited prior to arrival, which was the effect of getting all that water out of her system,” Miller added.

Diamond Paulhill, Egypt’s mother, was able to thank Junior in person on Wednesday for his heroism during a surprise party his family threw in his honor.

“I watch stories like this all day every day, and it could’ve been my story. But you know, my story came out a blessed story because of (Junior). I’m so blessed,” Paulhill told KHOU.