Jogger saves pets, home by alerting California family of fire via doorbell camera

SCOTTS VALLEY, Calif. — A California family is thanking a jogger for saving their pets and home from a fire while they were away.

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Smoke was coming out of the garage of Courtney Polito’s home in Scotts Valley when the jogger ran up to the front door and rang the doorbell, KSBW reported. Although no one was home, the jogger was able to get Polito’s attention through her Ring camera.

“I saw him running back and forth so, I answered it and he said, ‘Hello, do you see there’s smoke coming out of the top of your house?’” Polito told the television station.

Polito then heard smoke alarms activated as she watched her camera, and gave the man the code to enter the home, KSBW reported. The man was able to rescue Polito’s two dachshunds, a cat and a rabbit, according to the television station.

“This is the first for our agency where someone uses a Ring doorbell system to alert the 911 and the homeowners,” Scotts Valley Fire Battalion Chief Andrew LoFranco said.

The jogger did not hesitate to enter the home, despite the smoke.

“It takes a special kind of person go into a burning house to save animals,” Tony Polito told KSBW.

As quickly as the man ran up to the home, he just as quickly left after firefighters kept the fire contained to the home’s garage.

“I want to give him a hug. I’ll bring him to lunch. I’ll bring him dinner,” Courtney Polito told the television station. “I don’t know ... I just want to thank him so much and let him know how thankful we are. My kids, my husband we would be devastated if we lost our pets, let alone our home.”