Mystery man yells ‘Happy Mother’s Day,’ showers Jersey Shore mall shoppers with cash

FREEHOLD TOWNSHIP, N.J. — Ground-level shoppers at New Jersey’s Freehold Raceway Mall encountered their very own fairy godfather Sunday, as a mystery man shouted greetings from the second floor and tossed handfuls of cash over the railing.

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“Happy Mother’s Day,” the man yelled, showering shoppers below with money he carried in a plastic bag from the popular convenience store Wawa, reported.

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Watch the windfall unfold below:

The surprise shower happened at about 1:20 p.m. near the Monmouth County mall’s food court, The Daily Voice reported.

Sarah Mostafa told the news outlet that she was waiting in line at a Starbucks on the mall’s first floor when she heard a commotion from above and saw the man tossing money to scrambling shoppers below.

“Some people thought it was confetti, and then they took a closer look, like, ‘Wait, that’s actually money,’” Mostafa told

“Afterward, he just left. It was like a little Santa Claus moment,” she added.