Neil Patrick Harris describes family’s battle with COVID-19

Coronavirus: Neil Patrick Harris shares family’s battle with COVID-19

Neil Patrick Harris has opened up about his entire family contracting COVID-19 in March in a recent interview.

On the Thursday episode of “The Late Late Show with James Corden," Harris said that he didn’t want to share until the family had gotten through it.

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“We were doing our best before, and I thought I had the flu, and I didn’t want to be paranoid about it. And then I lost my sense of taste and smell, which was a big indicator, so we holed up,” he told Corden.

The 47-year-old “How I Met Your Mother” star said the family was sick for a couple of weeks and didn’t consider it newsworthy. He said they all felt lethargic but eventually recovered.

“It was right when all of this was first happening, end of March, early April. It wasn’t fun. I didn’t really feel like it was newsworthy, in so much as I wasn’t Instagramming about stuff. We were kinda just dealing with family,” Harris told Corden.

The interview continued with Harris revealing how he met his husband David and also his current work on the next “Matrix” film.