Ohio woman finds dentures, Fixodent while walking dog

ASHTABULA, Ohio — This might be a story where a bite is worse than a bark.

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An Ohio woman found a pair of dentures and a tube of Fixodent while she was walking her dog late last month, the Star Beacon of Ashtabula reported.

Christine Seuffert, of Ashtabula, was taking her dog for a walk on March 24, when she came upon a pair of choppers on a cement wall that was missing their owner.

Found on Hillcrest. Yikes! They are sitting on a wall at 6018 Hillcrest. Now at Ashtabula Dental on State Rd. In Ashtabula.

Posted by Christine Seuffert on Thursday, March 25, 2021

“First I saw the Fixodent and then my dog was sniffing at something pink and I saw both uppers and lowers,” Seuffert told the Star Beacon. “It cracked me up.”

Seuffert, a retired teacher and president of the Ashtabula Area City Schools Board of Education, at first put the dentures on the cement wall where she found them, the newspaper reported.

Seuffert’s neighbor, Jacki Marrison said she also got a big laugh when her friend stopped her and asked if anyone at her house had lost their dentures.

Seuffert then decided to take the dentures to Ashtabula Dental Associates to find the owner, the Star Beacon reported.

Several dentists were alerted, and by March 26, the owner was found.

The owner remained anonymous as the Ashtabula Dental Associates cited HIPAA privacy laws, the Star Beacon reported.

It’s probably just as well. Who would want to own up to losing their dentures?