Oregon wildlife officials help rescue buck who got antlers wrapped in Christmas lights

OREGON — Wildlife officials in Oregon helped rescue a buck that got its antlers wrapped in Christmas lights.

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The Dallas Police Department contacted the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife on Friday after a buck was seen with lights around its antlers, according to UPI.

ODFW said in a Facebook post that their staff were able to find and to dart the buck to help remove the lights. The buck had no injuries and the deer got up and went on its way. ODFW also placed a yellow ear tag on the buck for identification purposes.

To all you Clark Griswolds out there, we know you love decorating for Christmas but this is a step too far,” said ODFW.

ODFW said that bucks tend to rub their antlers on trees, bushes, and other objects especially from September through mid-December. It’s the way they mark territory or show dominance over other bucks.

ODFW said they do get multiple reports of bucks tangled in volleyball nets, hammocks, Christmas lights and more.

ODFW recommends if you have deer normally if the area of your house, to hang the lights higher up or take down those volleyball nets or hammocks if you are not using them.