Sanitation workers find cellphone in vault toilet, return it to owner

Sanitation workers find cellphone in vault toilet, return it to owner

HELENA, Mont. — Sanitation workers pumping out a vault toilet at a Montana park found and returned a woman’s cellphone that had fallen down the drain.

It’s a dirty job, but Tracy Kau, Cody Evert and Tanner Stevenson do it.

The three work for a sanitation company and were pumping out a vault toilet at Flathead National Forest when they found the phone at the bottom, KRTV reported.

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They used some grabbers to remove it. They sanitized it, let it dry, plugged it in and somehow it turned on. They went to the phone carrier but since they were not the owner, the store would not access phone information for them.

“I called Apple, basically got the same runaround with them,” Evert told KRTV. “I even went through the process of giving them a serial number and everything off the phone. At the end of the conversation, they said ‘Nope, can’t contact the owner,’ and to take it to the police department or recycle it.”

They were able to swap out the sim card and got the owner’s phone number and contacted her.

“I called and left a voicemail. She ended up calling me back,” Stevenson said. “I wanted to make sure 100% certain that that was actually who the phone belonged to, so I didn’t give any information on what the phone was or anything. When she finally called me back, I told her who I was, told her we found this phone in the Forest Service vault, and her initial reaction was, ‘Well, you guys must have to pump out toilets because that’s the last place I saw that phone.’”