‘Shoutout to Jack Frost’: Martin Short swaps plane seats for Chance the Rapper’s daughter

Chance the Rapper took to Twitter on Sunday to thank actor Martin Short for swapping seats on a recent flight so that he and his daughter could sit together.

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Flying with children can be stressful on the best day.

Chance the Rapper said in a post on Twitter that he boarded a flight with his daughter, 7, only to realize that the seats were not next to each other. “I really ain’t wanna inconvenience anyone by asking them to swap seats, but before I could say anything this kind older gentleman offered his seat to Kensli so we could sit together.”

That kind older gentleman happened to be Emmy and Tony award-winner Martin Short.

“We both said thank you and as he stands up, I realize it’s THE Martin Short!!” Chance the Rapper said in his post.

One fan on Twitter joked, “My daughter could have sat by herself. Marty would have been a delight,” to which Chance the Rapper responded, “Oh thanks so much but the little girl will be fine where she is… *opens laptop* ANYWAYS this is a lil script I’ve been working on it’s called ‘Four Amigos!’”

Martin Short starred in the 1986 comedy, “Three Amigos!,” alongside Steve Martin and Chevy Chase.

Chance the Rapper said the interaction was made even more special because his daughter is “obsessed” with Martin Short’s movie, “The Santa Clause 3,” in which he plays Jack Frost.

Closing out the post, Chance the Rapper said, “What an awesome person! SHOUTOUT TO JACK FROST.”