Suspect accused of impersonating police officer arrested after pulling over deputy

BRIGHTON, Colo. — A man is behind bars in Colorado after investigators said he chose the wrong car to pull over while pretending to be a police officer.

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In a news release, the Brighton Police Department said it was called to a report of a police impersonator who attempted to stop an off-duty officer in their personal vehicle. The suspect allegedly activated red-and-blue flashing lights in his vehicle and then began brake-checking the off-duty deputy.

The off-duty deputy works for the Adams County Sheriff’s Office, KCNC reported.

“It seemed a little strange to this off-duty deputy,” Kylynn Delohery with the Brighton Police Department told KCNC. “The off-duty deputy actually used the word ‘charged’ his vehicle.”

The deputy was forced to the side of the road. At that point, police said that the suspect got out of his vehicle, wearing a shirt that said “Security” and approached the off-duty deputy while displaying a silver badge.

Police told KCNC that the suspect was identified as Jose Flores Ortiz. He was charged with impersonating a peace officer, driving under the influence of alcohol and the prohibited use of a weapon.

In its news release, the Brighton Police Department advised that if you ever have a question about an unmarked vehicle pulling you over, put your hazard lights on and call 911 to confirm the identity of the vehicle.