Three friends who have attended every Super Bowl plan final trip

A trio of friends who have gone to every Super Bowl are ready to head to this year’s game, but said this will likely be the last they attend together.

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The three men, Don Crisman, 85, of Maine, Gregory Eaton, 82, of Michigan, and Tom Henschel, of Florida, have attended every Super Bowl since the first AFL-NFL World Championship Game 55 years ago in California, The Associated Press reported. They are meeting at SoFi Stadium for this year’s big game, but Crisman has said this year will be his final game, the AP reported.

Crisman and Henschel initially met at the Super Bowl in 1983, and met Eaton years later in the mid-2010s, but proudly unite each year, The Associated Press reported. The group refers to themselves as the “Never Miss a Super Bowl Club,” which used to have more people but has seen its membership dwindle to just three due to health reasons, The Los Angeles Times reported.

The trio has gotten attention for their devotion to the Super Bowl, appearing in a Visa commercial in 2010, and offering a “media day” to share their memorabilia and memories with reporters and fans, The Los Angeles Times reported.

The COVID-19 pandemic threatened the group’s streak in 2021, when the NFL announced that only 22,000 fans would be able to attend the game, USA Today reported at the time. However, the NFL was able to provide tickets for the friends – but at a cost of $3,000 each, The Los Angeles Times reported.

This year, Eaton said he will be cheering for the Los Angeles Rams because seeing Matt Stafford win will be the closest he’ll get to seeing his favorite team, The Detroit Lions, win, The Associated Press reported. He also told the AP he paid $2,500 for this year’s ticket.