• Melbourne police officer accused of having sex with prostitutes


    BREVARD COUNTY, Fla. - A Melbourne police officer accused of having sex with prostitutes while on the job could soon learn whether or not he will keep his badge.

    In May, a woman arrested on prostitution charges told police she had sex with Officer Jose Otero while he was on duty.

    Investigators then set up a camera in a secluded area where the woman said she would go with Otero, who has been on paid suspension since May 26.

    One of 20 recordings released shows Otero pulling into a lot and a woman getting out of the passenger door. Both then disappear into a dark area.

    The video clips are part of the criminal case against the 42-year-old married policeman.

    Channel 9’s Kevin Oliver talked with Melbourne residents about the scandal.

    “I know my employer wouldn't think that's acceptable,” resident Kevin Perry said.

    “You should respect the law, and they are law officers. They should do what they are sworn to do,” said resident Beryl McMasters.

    Investigators seized the hard drive from Otero's dashboard camera, which shows him stopping and meeting up with women in an area known for prostitution.

    Police even followed from a distance, recording Otero with a handheld camera.

    The four-year veteran of the department is facing six counts of prostitution-related charges.

    The videos released do not show any sex acts or an exchange of money.

    Otero’s attorney, Michael Bross, did not respond to a request for comment Thursday.

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