• Memo: Sanford police chief blames spokesman for mishandling Trayvon Martin case


    SANFORD, Fla. - Another controversy is brewing at the Sanford Police Department. WFTV obtained a scathing memo from the interim police chief to one former leader in the department and he's blaming that officer for mishandling the Trayvon Martin case.

    In the memo, Interim Chief Richard Myers removed Sgt. David Morgenstern from his position as spokesman for the department.

    Myers blasted Morgenstern and called him "deeply out of touch." In the memo he said a more skilled spokesperson would have been able to help the previous chief handle the outcry over the delay in George Zimmerman's arrest more effectively.

    The memo was supposed to be private and confidential but WFTV obtained a copy.

    It shows Myers lashing out on Morgenstern and blaming just him for the way the department handled the Martin case.

    The 17-year-old was shot and killed by Zimmerman in Sanford in February.

    The letter was sent August 15, just after Morgenstern was moved from the media and re-assigned to road patrol.

    Myers was hired as the interim chief in May to clean up the shattered department after Chief Bill Lee stepped down and was later fired for the way he handled the case.

    In the letter, Myers shifted the blame saying, "I believe a more skilled PIO may well have helped the former chief craft his message more effectively."

    The chief demanded the letter be kept private, which violates public records laws.

    The chief is earning $10,000 a month and came from Colorado Springs, where he was forced out after a series of scandals.

    WFTV tried to talk to the chief Thursday, but the new spokesperson told WFTV the chief would not comment because this is a personnel matter.

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